• Concerns You Need To Know When Opting For Synthetic Turf

    With the number of tasks and obligations individuals need to do everyday , there are certain jobs individuals forget such as maintaining their lawns . Because of this , their lawn becomes unsightly . Not to mention , lawns that are not maintained can attract pests , which can cause pest infestation in your property . This leads to certain health and safety issues .


    To prevent this from happening , some individuals decide to get rid of their lawn . Luckily , this option can be avoided by replacing natural grass with synthetic turf . However , before purchasing synthetic turf , you need to know the concerns accompanying it in order to make artificial turf more beneficial .


    Crumb rubber


    Synthetic grass is made from reliable and durable materials . However , due to heavy traffic and unstable weather condition , there are instances when you may notice crumb rubber . Because of the occurrence of crumb rubber , it can produce new chemicals that can affect your health . In addition , crumb rubber does not stay in place . It can easily move in other areas . So , it is best to rake crumb rubber in order to properly dispose it .


    Excessive heat


    Individuals should also know that synthetic turf can also cause burns , dehydration , and heat exhaustion . This is possible since synthetic grass can absorb heat reaching up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit . During extreme heat , you should not allow your kids to play on the turf . The ideal way to deal with this is to cool it with water first .




    Another concern you need to know about synthetic turf is there are types of artificial turf that can cause skin abrasion more than natural grass . Therefore , it is essential that you spend time and effort in choosing the right artificial turf to avoid this issue .




    It is also worth knowing the combustibility of synthetic grass . Crumb rubber can easily be burned . Therefore , it can easily produce smoke and toxic air pollutants . Thus , when replacing artificial turf , you need to dispose it properly . You must also avoid creating fire near the turf .


    Maintenance and costs


    Lastly , some individuals state that synthetic turf does not need maintenance . But , experts claim you still need to do a little maintenance from time to time . For instance , when cleaning synthetic turf , you can make use of a brush and mild soap solution to get rid of dirt and debris . When it comes to costs , purchasing synthetic turf can be costly . So , make sure that you have sufficient finances before buying .


    By knowing all these , individuals can properly and efficiently use synthetic turf to make their property better and more appealing .